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electronic billing

The electronic billing program is approved by the Zakat, Taxes and Customs Authority

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Sophisticated devices and modern systems to connect points of sale and branches

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Integrated solutions and comprehensive services


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electronic billing program

Approved by the Zakat and Tax Authority



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Al-Ameen Systems for Business Solutions from System7 Company

Al-Ameen for POS and Restaurants Management

Integrated system for managing branches and points of sale

Al-Ameen system for distribution companies

Logistics support companies drivers (distribution)

Al-Ameen Accounting and Electronic Billing

Approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Al-Ameen for Human Resource Management

professional management system HR

Al-Ameen Program for Pharmacies and Medical Supplies

Stores of medical supplies, medicines and pharmacies

electronic billing

Al-Ameen Electronic Billing Program
Approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Electronic billing decision

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority announced the approval of its board of directors on the electronic billing regulation, which was published on Friday, corresponding to the fourth of December 2020, knowing that the regulation entered into force from the date of publication, and the date of the obligation to issue and keep electronic invoices on the fourth of December 2021 AD.

What is an electronic invoice ?

Electronic Invoice: A tax invoice issued in an organized electronic format through an electronic means. A paper invoice that is converted into an electronic format through copying, scanning or any other method is considered an electronic invoice for the purposes of this regulation. Seven Trading System Company We offer an electronic billing program approved by the Zakat and Tax Authority

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 SYSTEM7 company in brief 

System7 was founded by a group of engineers who took it upon themselves to develop the first Arabic accounting and warehousing program that works under the Windows operating system. The first version of the program was released in 1994, and it was distributed commercially in 1995, and its name at that time was Al-Ameen 3.1. It was the first accounting program that worked under Windows and on computer networks; reach the market

We, as a company and as individuals, believe in people as a source of creativity and innovation, and in the joint effort of people and the integration of work methods. We also highly value principles, supreme values and dedication to work. We also emphasize the need for high experience, self-confidence, and initiative spirit to face any challenge. This is with a focus on raising ethical standards and Scientific for individuals alike, by setting goals compatible with the ambition and enthusiasm for science and continuous learning. As a result, we always provide creative solutions to any problem with the highest possible quality and speed, to continue to win the trust and cooperation of our customers.

Providing the best accounting software solutions that can enjoy the greatest degree of customer satisfaction and acceptance.
Raising the level of quality standards related to software solutions in the region, through the company’s leading role in the software industry and contributing to setting standards for this industry in the region.
Providing all types of technical support to customers, whether internal or external support or support via the Internet.

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Distinguished accounting programs with ease of work and accuracy in accounting work for sales and warehouses,, Thank you for your services

future era company

Manager, Jeddah

We thank system7 company and the distinguished technical support team for responding quickly and finding appropriate and correct technical solutions in the work of point of sale management

Four Systems Co

Administrative, Riyadh




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